The company’s operations is the provision of employees specialising in broadly understood electric services and related metalworking and welding works. We offer selected, highly-qualified and trained personnel with the necessary experience and permits. Cooperation may encompass the provision of individual employees as well as entire teams including oversight personnel. Every project – independent of its size – is just as important to us, and employees are selected to suit the specific needs of the relevant business partner.

We have competences in all key electric systems. Our installations are characterised by attention to detail and high work quality. Cooperating with us, you may be certain that the work shall be carried out according to top standards, norms and in line with the current OHS provisions.

Electric works

– construction and expansion of electric junction boxes
– connection of electric junction boxes
– layout and binding of cables
– removal of old installations
– closure, opening and reconstruction of cable penetrations (Roxtec, Kroner, MTC Brattberg, Hawke, etc.)
– closure and opening of EMC cable penetrations
– cleaning junction boxes
– commissioning
– metering
– start-ups

Electromechanical works

– re-winding of motors
– refurbishments and servicing of motors, energy generators, jet stream motors
– replacement of power transformers
– connection and disconnection of motors


– installation of cable trays
– development of cable penetrations (Roxtec, Kroner, MTC Brattberg, Hawke, etc.)
– development and installation of auxiliary structures for electric machinery
– installation of electric junction boxes